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Come January 2017, The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) will release the new patient-driven web-based application. With this Medical Marijuana Registry System, you will be able to electronically apply for an MMJ card online, reducing wait time and date entry errors. You have the ability to sign and send forms online, as well as submit your payment with a credit card. Another feature available is that you have the capability to print your MMJ card or use your mobile device. You can use your smartphone to bring up the barcode to be scan. Something very similar to boarding passes. Lastly, you can update your personal information at any time. Making the whole process of obtaining your MMJ card easier and more convenient.

This new software is available to any qualifying patient, along with their physicians and caregivers. However, the doctors and caregivers are limited to what they can access in the system. Doctors will be able to upload their DEA and physician license, as well correct physician certifications in real time. Caregivers have the ability to verify the total number of assigned patients and their total plant counts in real time. All your personal information is secure and password-protected.
All the data is encrypted, ensuring users’ information has full protection.

You will still be required to be seen by a certified physician to get your recommendation for medical marijuana. CDPHE created this web-based application with the idea of making the whole process easier and quicker. If you are interested in getting your MMJ card, click here to schedule an evaluation. If you are unsure of the process, check out our blog on how to get your medical card.

Are you interested and being seen for MMJ Card today? Our Clinic accepts walk-ins on the weekdays 10a-5pm. Give us a call before hand to see how long the wait is.

You can find all this information, plus more about Medical Marijuana Registration, on the CDPHE website.