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Ever think about getting a job at a dispensary as a Budtender? Since 2012 there has been thousands of jobs opening up in Denver just because of how fast the marijuana industry is growing and continues to grow. People come from all over the country to explore the Colorado and the Rockies, discover the beautiful nature and experience all that Colorado has to offers. So, if you are interested in the marijuana corporation and are considering on moving to this excellent state, then make sure you qualify for your occupational “budtender” license.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) has many strict stipulations to apply for your Cannabis Badge. The state of Colorado will not let you apply if you are not a resident. So first and foremost you must receive your Colorado Drivers’ License; just a tip: make sure you get to the DMV a little early. You will need to bring a utility bill, a pay stub or a credit card statement, anything that will prove you live here. Once you are a resident of Colorado, you may now apply to get your license. For more details on getting your Colorado ID, click here.

Specific requirements and restrictions are necessary so the state can be sure they are in control of the dispensaries as much as they can. Unfortunately, if you don’t meet these regulations, you will not be allowed to obtain your badge. But if you are in pain, and want more information on pain management, click here.

For example, some requirements and restrictions are, you must be the age of 21 years old to obtain your license. If you have never been convicted of a felony relating to the use of a controlled substance, distribution or possession, along with serving time, including parole or probation because of any felony charges in the last five years. If you are a licensed doctor that makes patient recommendations, you will not be granted your badge. You are not allowed to work in a dispensary if you are a police officer, sheriff, deputy, prosecuting officer or any state official of any kind. If you have had any State revoke your rights to be a primary caregiver, and lastly if you are living in the same house as an employee of the MED you will not receive your Occupational Cannabis License.

So if you qualify for a Cannabis Badge and you are moving to Colorado, then it is highly suggested you get your Medical Card as well. For more information on obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card, click here. If you are interested in setting up an appointment with us, click here.