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Marijuana is unique. Each strain, of course, can be similar in some ways, but no two strains are completely identical. This being the case, learning how each different strain of cannabis might affect your body and mind can go a long way. It can work towards understanding and utilizing the plant’s potential therapeutic benefits. Something that should also be noted is that individual batches can vary as well. This is due to various factors related to the plants observable characteristics and the environment that it was grown. Being mindful of this, one can logically guess how a particular batch of medical marijuana might affect them by simply by knowing its genetics. Nonetheless, general understanding of any strain and its parents can offer a good idea of what to expect. It typically will require a certain amount of trial and error for medical marijuana (MMJ) patients to get the fully understand how each strain will affect them. This, of course, can become problematic for the new MMJ patients who are in need of reliable pain relief strain. For the reasoning of finding the right cannabis that works for the right situation is critical.

In the attempt to help our new medical marijuana patients, MMD Medical Doctors Staff has researched and compiled some of the best go-to strains. When it comes to picking the perfect strain for you, keep one thing in mind. Indica (I), in the couch. Sativa (S), clean your house. Meaning indica strains give you a body high that will lock you into your couch, make you sleepy, and put you into a deep relaxation feeling. Whereas, Sativa is known to me more uplifting and an energetic high. They both have their benefits medically. The indica strains will lead towards the relief of anxiety and stress, as well the relaxation of muscles and the relief of body pain. Your Sativa strains are going to give you an increase in focus and motivation, as well as stimulates your brain and energizes your body. Look for the names Kush, Northern Lights, and White Widow when shopping for indica specific.Purple Haze and Mauwie Wauwie are two favorite Sativa strains. You also have your hybrids if you need a good mix of both. Blue Dream is a well known hybrid strain that provides a full body relief to the body and mind. It boasts a fifty-fifty split between Blueberry (I) and Haze (S). For first-time anxiety patients who are unsure of what is best for them, Blue dream is a good go-to. Another well-known hybrid is The Green Crack cannabis strain. It is a hybrid that is a Sativa-dominate giving you consumer an additional energy boost to their day while focusing their mind.

Just like dosing edibles, ‘start low and go slow’. There are multiple websites with strain-specific information as well as dispensary websites with full menus. Shop around online before purchasing your meds, or check the back pages of the Westword for discounts.