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Medical Marijuana (MMJ) patients are always looking for new ways to increase the safety, efficiency, and convenience of ingesting their recommended medication. For some people its edibles, for others its flower, and for a fast growing number, its concentrates.

By now, most people are used to the idea of smoking, and sometimes edibles, however, most people are unaware of concentrates. When people from outside of the marijuana culture come to discover dabbing, most find an issue with it involving a blow torch. While those inside the culture may not have a problem with it, it reminds those outside of harder, more dangerous drugs.

A solution that seems to be working to solve this issue is the rapidly growing use of vaporizers. We’re not talking old school units that are bulky with tubes and attachments; we’re talking about simple little pens and e-cig sized pieces. They maintain the power to consume concentrates and provide sufficient medication while not looking outrageous in the process.

Many MMJ patients are used to the original method of smoking, either out of a pipe or with papers. As the MMJ community has grown, so has the selection of options available to patients. Delivery and consumption through technological and creative solutions have set the bar higher than ever before. In this instance, we are talking about dabbing, which is the inhalation of extracts or concentrates.

When it comes to MMJ patients consuming their medicine, we have to tip our hat to concentrates for being possibly the best way to provide relief to medical marijuana patients. While there are some things that we don’t like about concentrates, the pros clearly outweigh the cons. Consuming concentrates, especially with a vape pen, is discreet, easy to correctly dose, and safe to use. We highly suggest that you give concentrates a try.

Medical Marijuana (MMJ) can provide benefits for multiple conditions. For more information on how to get an MMJ recommendation, click here. To schedule an appointment for an evaluation or if you have any other questions, you can call us at (720) 477-4920.