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In Colorado, medical patients can legally purchase cannabis from a medical (MED) or recreational (REC) retail store. Many recreational stores were initially incorporated as a medical dispensary. MED and REC cultivation sites were licensed and are currently regulated by the Marijuana Enforcement Division (previously known as the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division). More often than not, MED and REC strains were cut from the same garden, grown side by side in the same room, and competed for light from the same 1000w bulb. It appears that the only true difference is the colored RFID tag wrapped around the plant’s stalk.

Have you ever been to a dual dispensary that had great prices on the MED side, but horrific prices on the REC side? You’re not alone. REC pricing is a direct result of supply and demand. Out of state tourists flock to Colorado, and most simply want a taste of legal marijuana – a taste of freedom. The demand they have placed on the REC economy caused supply to dwindle, and prices skyrocketed overnight. MED patients have been charged less and less every year since 2001. If you qualify for MED, stop wasting your money. Medical Marijuana patients are consistently offered better deals on the same products, can access and possess products with a higher % of THC, and enjoy higher purchase limits. For more information on getting your red card, call us today!