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Medical Marijuana To Ease Opiate Withdrawals

Many opiate abusers have greatly benefited from the use of marijuana for opiate withdrawal symptoms. After studiously researching opiate addiction recovery for several years now, we have found that medical marijuana pain relief works well and also eases the mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal.

Over the years, I’ve often been asked the question “does weed help with opiate withdrawal?” My answer is always the same…as far as natural remedies go, marijuana ranks high on the list of the most powerful withdrawal aids. Marijuana has been reported to ameliorate withdrawal syndrome by countless individuals.

There have even been studies suggesting that there are benefits obtained from using marijuana for opiate withdrawal symptoms relief. Furthermore, marijuana is widely known for its high degree of safety regarding both the medicinal and recreational use of the plant.

Marijuana for Opiate withdrawal Studies

In a marijuana study from 2019, it was suggested that marijuana use may help ameliorate withdrawal symptoms during Methadone Treatment.

In the study, 91 patients on methadone were studied at Thomas Jefferson University. The use of marijuana was found to decrease the patients’ scores on the Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS).

Note: The COWS is an objective tool commonly used to measure the severity of opiate withdrawal symptoms. After the study ended, researchers found that marijuana may help to increase success rates of Methadone Treatment due to its ability to diminish the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Common opiate withdrawal symptoms include: Anxiety, Insomnia, Nausea, Irritability, Depression, Aching body, hot and cold flashes, vomiting.

Using Marijuana for opiate withdrawal can result in the following benefits: Reduction of anxiety, Mood-enhancer, Helps sleep, Increases appetite, Helps nausea, Relaxation of muscles and nervous system, Painkiller.