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Schiefertafel mit der chemischen Formel von THC


Proposed initiatives and amendments to an existing bill could max-out the THC potency of REC cannabis, at a percentage far below the industry standard average. The proposals would limit the strength of “marijuana and marijuana products” to about 15 percent or 16 percent THC, we’re not sure yet. Opponents say the measures are unreasonable and could squash some of the legal cannabis industry’s most popular categories. Understandably, supporters of the legislation say they’re concerned for the youth.

The initiative defines a single serving of the active component, THC, as 10mg. Remember all those TV ads you hear for pharmaceutical drugs that hastily mention “identified health risks,” such as “birth defects and reduced brain development,” “permanent loss of abilities,” and “potential for long-term addiction.” The initiative additionally requires that these risks be posted on the already lengthy label of Colorado REC marijuana MED compliance standards.

To qualify for the ballot, proponents must collect about 100k signatures from registered in-state voters.

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