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If you are considering Colorado to be a new home for you, if you are new to the medical marijuana scene, or if you are a self-acclaimed “stoner” and want to freshen up your cannabis knowledge, this article is for you.

There are known to be some similarities and many differences between THC and CBD. To start off, they have the same chemical formula; but the atoms are arranged in a slightly different form. THC is known best for being the psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant. On the other hand, CBD is non-psychoactive. In simple terms, it won’t get you high. CBD lacks the harmful effects of THC. While this can be disappointing to recreational marijuana users, this unique feature is the reason why CBD is so appealing as a medicine.

CBD has a broad range of medical benefits. In addition to not carrying the psychoactive trait, CBD seems to have antipsychotic properties, as well helps prevent inflammation. It is also said to suppress muscle spasms and reduce nausea. Another big difference is the way the compounds act differently towards the body. For example, when it comes to anxiety, cannabis is known to provoke feelings of anxiety due to the THC compound. CBD, however, helps alleviate the anxiety side effects. We have only begun to appreciate how much CBD contributes to modulate the effects of THC. With that in mind, when it comes to picking the correct strain, make sure you ask your budtender the appropriate questions. Ensuring you receive the best bud, with the proper ratio between the two, that will help benefit you the most.

Marijuana has been known to be utilized as a sleep aid, and many users develop the habit of smoking right before going to bed. Another difference between the two compounds is the THC in the cannabis has believed to be responsible for the sleep-inducing effects of the brain. Whereas CBD acts to promote wakefulness, making it a bad candidate for a sleep medicine.

If you believe you are a qualifying candidate for Medical Marijuana, and you believe you can benefit from the positive side effects of CBD and THC, please contact our clinic so we can help get you started.