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Medical marijuana is a versatile medicine that is used to treat many medical conditions. Newbies may think the only way to use marijuana is by smoking it. But there are several ways that medical cannabis can be administered. Experiment with these different ways and find methods that work best for you and your situation.

With the acceptance of  medical marijuana spreading throughout the United States, providers are engineering a multitude of ways to consume medical marijuana. Like any form of medication, each new method comes with its own pros and cons that patients should be aware of before deciding which means is best for them.

The Different Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana


The traditional means of cannabis consumption, smoking medical marijuana offers an inexpensive and efficient way of regulating dosage and obtaining instant relief.

Edibles and Beverages

With medical cannabis edibles and beverages, patients get their needed relief through a variety of flavored snacks and drinks. The high may be stronger, but the dosage is easily tailored.

Topical Salves, Lotions, and Sprays

If you’re not looking to ingest your medical marijuana or don’t want the “high” associated with it, topical treatment is likely the best bet. Topical cannabis is best used for surface issues like dry skin, sunburns, and low-degree burns or muscle and joint pain.

Transdermal Patches

Like a nicotine patch, the medical marijuana transdermal patch cuts out any consumption or smoking of cannabis and has proven to provide relief for long-lasting pain.


By turning dried cannabis flowers or extract into inhalable vapors, vaping provides instant relief with little to no harm to the lungs.


This easy-to-control dose of cannabinoids mixed with alcohol offers a taste-free but expensive option for medical marijuana. Children prescribed to cannabis treatment benefit most from tinctures.


Maybe not the most appealing method, this rectal treatment absorbs into the colon for a quick a lasting high. The difficult application is offset by this method’s undeniable efficiency.


Complicated prep makes this medical cannabis less desired for newcomers, though the instant relief and high-THC levels are beneficial for patients suffering acute illnesses.

Fresh Cannabis

Unprocessed cannabis leaves are thought to keep the raw plant’s medicinal qualities, though the taste needs to be cut with other flavors. The treatment requires a significant amount of leaves but is a great source of pure THC-A.

As medical marijuana treatment continues its evolution, new methods are sure to arise. Like with any new treatment, you’re going to find that one may suit you better, but it may be an instance of trial and error before finding that ideal method. For more information on how the different ways to consume MMJ, give us a call, (720) 477-4920, anytime between 10am-6pm Monday-Friday.