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The man, the myth, the marijuana legend, Tommy Chong is coming to Colorado! When you hear the name Tommy Chong most, instantly associate it with the cannabis industry, and they could not be more right. Chong has taken the time and dedication to hand choose what he thinks are some of the best marijuana strains grown. Giving it the appropriate name “Chong’s Choice”. A Choice Cannabis line, selling exclusively at eight dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado.

Ever imagine lighting one up with the legend Tommy Chong? Good news! You may have a chance to do so. Chong is coming to town for the official release of his new Cannabis line, grown by Verde Natural. To celebrate his bud release, he is holding a meet-and-greet contest in Denver. Not only will you be able to meet the legend himself, but you will also win your very own toking session with him. Chong is thrilled to share his passion and knowledge of cannabis with the rest of the world and what better way than a smoke session. Chong has partnered up with the eight selected dispensaries that sell his brand and will be choosing one winner from each dispensary. The contest ends on September 23rd, 2016 and the October toke session date is still to be determined.

If you are interested in trying “Chong’s Choice” at one of the selected locations, I recommend obtaining your medical marijuana card first. Receive the benefits of the MMJ while smoking the same strain Tommy Chong smokes himself. If you are unsure how to get your MMJ card, click here.