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Medical marijuana is legal for many Americans, but not all. Read on for why we believe medical marijuana in the United States should be legal for everyone.

Just imagine, you are an American living in Indiana dealing with constant anxiety attacks. You have tried almost everything and nothing seems to help. Sure, there are prescription medicines you could take, but you would rather something natural. After doing some research, you discover the healing benefits of medical marijuana. But, despite the legalization in all surrounding states, marijuana is illegal where you live.

This doesn’t seem right, does it? The benefits of marijuana should be available for all Americans across the country, not just specific states.

However, each state has its own regulations on the use of medical and recreational marijuana. Meanwhile, at the federal level marijuana is still considered to be a schedule 1 substance in the United States; which means it has a high potential for dependency. With all the new research being done on the benefits of marijuana, hopefully, this issue will be resolved.


Why Medical marijuana in the United States should be legalized.

If medical marijuana were to be legalized, millions of people would be able to stop taking prescription drugs and make the switch to an all-natural substance. Not to mention, with medical cannabis, an overdose is almost non-existent making it a safe alternative to prescription drugs.

Well, there you have it! We believe medical marijuana should be legal and available for all citizens of the united states because the cannabis plant has multiple healing benefits. Medical marijuana a wise solution due to the low-risk factors and high benefits.