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Which Bud’s For You?

When you approach your budtender and they ask what they can get for you, there are at least 700 different strands of cannabis plants to choose from. Each strand is carefully cultivated, creating hundreds of hybrids with unique characteristics. However, all these strands derive from just two types of marijuana plants. Sativa and Indica. Sativa and Indica plants grow in completely different climates. They each have a distinct appearance, create their own unique high experience, and treat various illnesses of medical marijuana patients.

Sativa is harvested in warmer climates. Their plants grow tall, upwards of 20 feet. Sativa plants produce long branches that are home to narrow, light green leaves. They reach their full maturity in 10-16 weeks. On the other hand, Indica reaches its peak in 6 to 8 weeks. Indica plants flourish in colder weather, and at higher altitudes. Living in the lower temperatures, Indica plants don’t grow as tall. This bushy plant peaks at around 4 feet. Indica plants have wide leaves and are a darker shade of green than their Sativa counterparts.

When it comes to the type of high you want, Sativa and Indica give you their unique experience. If you are looking to enhance your alertness and tap into your creativity, Sativa is the way to go. It has a higher CHD to THC ratio, which creates optimism inside the marijuana user. Indica is more of a sedative. That’s why budtenders describe Indica as “In da couch.” They create couch-lock. Indica plants are perfect for relieving stress, and getting better sleep.

With the different high experiences, Sativa and Indica are also used medicinally for different reasons. Sativa is a medical marijuana plant that is used for depression and ADHD. This is due to its higher CBD ratio. It also makes you hungrier, which is why it’s the plant chosen for cancer and anorexia patients. Indica is used medicinally for chronic pain and muscle spasms. Its higher THC count creates a relaxation in the body that helps fight pain felt for patients with MS and Lupus.

There are two distinct types of marijuana plants that have two completely different effects on humans. When you are looking for a happy high that opens you up creatively, and are combating ailments such as depression and ADHD, Sativa is the way to go. When you are looking to mellow out, and are trying to cure your aches and pains, Indica is the route.

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